Just Eat It

As a kid, my parents had a rule: We could choose how much what we wanted to eat, but none of it was to go to waste. I appreciated the sentiment, and their belief in the value of food. As such, buffets still leave me dreading the amount of that food will end up in a dumpster.

Turns out, this is a legitimate concern. Approximately 40% of the world’s food goes to waste—which seems like a great travesty. Fellow Vancouverites Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer made the issue personal. They quit grocery shopping for six months, and survived only on discarded food. They documented the experience in their film Just Eat It.

The film is succinct, clear, and accessible. I watched it with my sons (5 and 8 years old). They enjoyed the film, and it changed how they think about food and waste. I highly recommend the film. It’s the sort of story that has the power to change behaviour.

Canadians can watch Just Eat It for free, courtesy of The Knowledge Network. Others can find a screening on the Food Waste Movie website.

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