What Deliberatism Is

Image by SuperFamous
Image by SuperFamous

Each one of us gets one lifetime: no more, no less. It can be spent in a multitude of ways, but it would seem foolish to squander it. Sadly, many of us learn that we have.

At our worst, we are fatigued, dissatisfied, and unhappy. We chase things we’re supposed to want, and race past what really matters. What if it isn’t about things or achievement? Should we instead focus on personal exploration and fostering meaningful connections?

Deliberatism is about living one’s life consciously. It’s about taking the time to ask questions now, so that we don’t miss the important stuff. It’s about removing conditioning and ego, in order to chose the things that really make us happy.

While the opinions here are presented emphatically, Deliberatism is not dogmatic. Good conversations seem to come from passionate argument; as such, this is what we aim to facilitate. Take from it what’d you like, and disregard the rest. (Or, argue the points presented.)


  1. I agree with UZMAN. This is my struggle right now. “On paper” I’ve achieved nothing, but I know I’ve accomplished a lot as a person within and outside of myself. Yet, I still struggle with this notion that I’ve got nothing to show for my time on this Earth. I know that’s not true, but I don’t believe myself just yet. I don’t know how to remove the pressure from myself to finally be free to do what I really want to do. What do I really want to do?
    Thanks for your blog… Keep it up.

  2. A shift has occured within me… you have awakened , hmmm is that the word I am looking for? Maybe the word is answered…. you have answered by virtue of what you write about, in a very simple and clever way , questions that I have had rolling around in my head that have casued me much agnst. I am grateful. This is my second comment I am leaving you today, and the reason why I feel I have to state this is because this is the first time I have ever been moved enough to reach out and leave a comment to anyone on the internet. Thank you , and now that I have found this blog I will be looking foward to more. L

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